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About Certified Sales Advisors

If you are in the business of selling wood floors, you need every advantage you can get to attract customers and close the deal. NWFACP certification can give you that advantage.

NWFACPs have access to the use of the NWFACP logo on all promotional materials and are listed prominently in the Hardwood Floors Magazine Resource Book and the NWFA consumer site, www.woodfloors.org. All NWFACPs receive a pin and certificate for display.  

If you are an NWFA Certified Sales Advisor, log in here to access proprietary information specific to your credential.

Certification Prerequisites, Testing & Maintenance

To be eligible for testing, you must have three years of wood flooring sales experience or completion of NWFA-approved sales training. All NWFACPs are expected to abide by the Standard of Conduct.

The written test is taken online and covers topics including wood flooring properties, selling the right product for the job, and troubleshooting. The testing fee is $50 for NWFA members.

To maintain the certification, three continuing certification units (CCUs) are required annually, as well as annual certification dues. CCUs are earned by attending NWFA-approved training.

For more information about Sales Advisor Certification, contact Sharon Schaller at sharon.schaller@nwfa.org or 866.418.5408.


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